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Jeannette MacLean Exercise Physiologist

"Jeannette was recommended to me by another cancer patient and I am very happy with my progress in both strength and balance. Her program gave me some structure in my day to day living."

- Customer Testimonial

Exercise Treatment Programs for Cancer Patients


Recent studies have proven the many benefits of Exercise treatment prior to, during and following cancer treatment.


These benefits include:

  • Reducing the rate of bone and muscle deterioration

  • Positively influencing quality of life

  • Reducing the risk of reoccurrence in some cancers such as breast and prostate

  • Positively influencing cognitive function and oxygen to the brain

  • Assisting in managing symptoms from treatment such as joint pain, peripheral neuropathy, nausea, lymphedema and fatigue

  • Assisting to prevent comorbidities such as Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Canfit Exercise Physiology offers a one on one personalised and supervised exercise prescription, focusing on assisting the patient prior to, during and after cancer treatment. Patients are educated on the benefits of exercise and activity with relevance to their particular diagnosis, treatment and health condition(s).


Patients are also educated and guided on the safe dosage of frequency, intensity, duration and type of exercise to participate in depending on their health history, side effects and physiological responses to treatment.

Consultations are held in the comfort and safety of the patient’s own home via either a home consultation or telehealth. Scheduling is developed around treatment cycles and predicted side effects.


Your detailed exercise program is tailored to meet your unique physical needs. Your program will take into account....

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The first step to a healthier lifestyle begins here. Contact us to help you realise your exercise and fitness potential.

Canfit Exercise Physiology on the Central Coast and Sydney's Northern Beaches.

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"I feel much more confident to increase my fitness level with Jeannette, knowing I will not find myself injured in the process."

-Customer Testimonial


"I can trust Jeannette to handle my condition professionally and safely."

-Customer Tesimonial

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