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Introducing our Exercise Physiologists

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Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Director

ACSM Cancer Exercise Trainer


"I became an Exercise Physiologist to help people live their life the way they choose to, and to be physically fit and able to do so. Exercise is essential for wellbeing. This belief stems from both my personal and professional experience. However, it is not the only component of wellbeing and when it comes to treating my clients I like to consider a holistic approach to care, and ensure strong communication is achieved with multidisciplinary teams. I feel that it is important to help my clients find enjoyment in exercise and physical activities to effectively achieve both their treatment and personal goals, and to positively sustain a lifestyle change.


I have 10 years experience as an Exercise Physiologist working in the workers compensation, hospital and private practice sectors. I have a special interest and passion for exercise prescription for Cancer - pre, during and post treatment and have specialised in this area for 6 years.

My education includes;

  • A Bachelor in Exercise Science and Nutrition

  • A Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology Rehabilitation

  • Certified American College of Sports Medicine Cancer Exercise Trainer

  • Cancer specific continuing education courses:

    • Exercise for the management of Cancer: Exercise Oncology Course

    • Exercise medicine for cancer patients and survivors

In my spare time (or lack there of) I love to spend time at the beach with my beautiful daughter, Mia and border collie, Kesha. I also love to rock climb, hike and travel."


-Jeannette MacLean

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