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Let's Get Motivated!

Although this feel-good quote was uttered by the wise old turtle in the children's movie Kungfu Panda, it is still a thought-inspiring sentiment. Many of us are struggling with the outlook of yet another year of physical distancing. So let's get inspired and do something with our 'gift' of the present.

With outbreaks and new strains of Covid-19 popping up all over the world, we are frequently left feeling disconcerted by the imposed restrictions. Our way of life has been altered by the pandemic in a way that may never return to 'normal'. This is especially difficult for people living with chronic conditions and who rely on a support network.

Millions of people are exploring ways to fill their time at home and keep mentally active. Online courses are certainly a beneficial way to spend our enforced solitude. However, by spending a little time each day concentrating on our physical health, we can boost our mental capacity and motivation to finish the goals we set ourselves.

Physical activity is one of the key contributors to improving mental health.

Here are a few ideas to help get you motivated...

Go to Bed Early

This may be obvious, but it is surprising how quickly good sleep habits go down the drain. When there are no appointments to rise early for the next day, people generally start going to bed later and sleeping in. This negatively affects the body's natural circadian rhythm and leaves people feeling tired and lethargic when they wake in the morning.

Make yourself a promise of how many Netflix episodes to watch or a cutoff time so that you know you will be in bed early. It's also a good idea to switch off devices in the bedroom. Try to remove the temptation to have that one last google session before bed. It may cost an hour of sleep!

Exercise comes first

Prioritise exercise, not only in the time of day, but in your daily activities. Write it at the top of your To-Do List.

If you prefer to exercise at night, make sure you do it before watching your tv show. If you like exercising in the morning, don't wait for other daily tasks to get in the way, workout first.

Mentally moving physical activity to the very top of your priorities list will help you achieve it first. Don't let motivation leeches like TV, chores or too many snacks get to you before you've done your daily workout!

Find your zone

Everyone's zone is different. Research shows that listening to your favourite music is a huge motivator. Whereas, listening to someone else's music at high volume can have a similar affect to torture.

Be it music, podcasts, YouTube clips or pep talks, find what helps you focus or gets your foot tapping.


We can google and plan and write lists 'til our hearts content, but all of that is procrastination. It's time to start!

Not all of us are equipped with a full gym in our garage. If you don't have the proper gear, just work with what you do have. Get creative!

The motivational quote below says it all. Just start, you might be pleasantly surprised with what you're capable of.

Despite the barriers we face, we can still hold true to our resolutions this year. Our current circumstances provide a unique opportunity for us to focus inward. To discover what really makes us happy and how we can lead healthier lives.

We hope these ideas will help motivate you to begin your fitness program. If you need a hand, give us a call and we will help get you started.



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